A 6 phase coaching program embedded with live lectures and 1-1 coaching from productivity experts to help you on your journey to become the best version of yourself.

Hundreds of students have joined the course, with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone who is interested in improving their productivity, time management, mindset and become a better version of themselves. The course is designed to aid you in achieving your goals and help you defeat procrastination.

This is a 10 week coaching program to help you become the best version of yourself. No prerequisite knowledge is required.

18 video lectures, with audio versions

This is an 10 week densely packed course. Features a combination of practical steps and theory to help you increase your productivity. 

Understanding productive in your life

Understanding how to apply productivity to your life, through the course lessons and practical tasks you will begin to learn how to become productive with your life. You will live a more tailored productive life which you enjoy.

Supporting materials

The lectures will be accompanied by written summaries with key takeaways, as well as references, additional reading material. Furthermore you will be sent a task after each lesson to help you implement each lesson accurately.

Members only discussion group 

An accountable and networking group chat exclusive to all day by day members. To discuss the topics at hand and build a connection with like minded people. 

Showcasing the course


WEEK 1: Phase 1- Is focused on setting your mindset up for this course.

  • LECTURE 1: The mindset you need to achieve productivity
    This class is designed to help the individual understand what they need in order to achieve the results they desire

  • LECTURE 2: How to find your productivity
    In this lesson we will discuss what is productive and through understanding productivity how you can achieve it in your life

WEEK 2-3: PHASE 2- These lessons we will be focusing on building the foundations of your productivity.

  • LECTURE 3: Building your ultimate routine
    In this lesson we discuss the importance of a routine and how you should build your ultimate routine

  • LECTURE 4: Morning routine
    The different types of morning routines and how to build yours
    LECTURE 5: Evening routine
    Building the perfect ending to your days

  • LECTURE 6: Habit tracker - The Non-negotiable habit
    The importance of tracking your habits and building a non-negotiable habit
PHASE 3 - The productivity Mindset

WEEK 4: PHASE 3- Here we focus on building a productive mindset to help you overcome obstacles from that our minds present to us.

  • LECTURE 7: Motivation is a myth
    In this lesson we break down what motivation really is and how to truly be motivated

  • LECTURE 8: How to have a productive mindset
    We break down the mindset of those who are productive and how you can implement it in your life
PHASE 4 - Becoming a High Performance individual

WEEK 5-6: PHASE 4 - How can you reach a high level of productivity and become part of the top 1%

  • LECTURE 9: How to get tasks done
    In this lesson we go through a series of points to help you get your tasks done more efficiently
  • LECTURE 10: How to have the most productive week ever
    In this lesson we discuss what is required to have the most productive week

  • Lesson 11: Taking your productivity to the next level
    Now that you are becoming productive how can you take it it to the next level?

  • Lesson 12: Effortless productivity
    How to make your productivity effortless so that you do not constantly burnout
PHASE 5 - How to remain consistent after this course

WEEK 7: PHASE 5- Remaining consistent is a key component when it comes to success. In these lectures we breakdown how you can remain consistent.

  • LECTURE 13: Perfectionism is ruining your productivity
    Should we not aim for perfection? This lesson we debunk this mindset

  • LECTURE 14: How to remain consistent after this course
    Now that the course is coming to an end how can we remain productive after it? We go through a series of key points to ensure you can remain productive
  • BONUS LECTURE 1: Rules for better sleep
    We will discuss simple ways to improve your sleep to help boost your productivity

  • BONUS LECTURE 2- How to manage social media as a consumer and a business owner
    Some tips on how to use social media effectively without wasting time on it

  • BONUS LECTURE 3: Understanding burnout
    Burnout is common but what is it and how to overcome it? We will discuss these issues and ways to overcome it

  • BONUS LECTURE 4: 10 productivity concepts
    10 productivity concepts to live by. These concepts will structure your life and prevent procrastination

  • BONUS LECTURE 5: 10 productivity concepts 2
    10 productivity concepts to live by. These concepts will structure your life and prevent procrastination part 2

  • BONUS LECTURE 6: Detoxing your dopamine
    Your mental diet is just as important as your physical diet