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I’m a productivity and business consultant who’s worked with multiple different businesses in different industries and helped change many lives through my work. After dedicating my recent years in studying, productivity, business and time management this has enabled me to create a course known as “High performance program” which helps individuals increase their productivity.

Alongside business I am also studying 2 degrees and developing another business. My goal is to over-deliver in whichever service you need. Be it my high performance program course or business advice. Through my studies and own experiences I aim to provide bullet proof results.

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Understanding your business structure, how to build it from scratch without intensive costs. Being able to keep your business going past it’s first year. Laying foundations  Understanding your goals, your purpose as an entrepreneur, finding out key information to keep your business successful and going. 


How as a business should you set goals, remain productive and develop correctly to ensure your business does well.


Learn the art of focus and precision, being able to remain on one task and achieve your goals without getting distracted, developing consistent routines and schedule through your precision.



This course has helped me boost my confidence in taking control of my life and bettering it for myself. The main problem being solved for me was adjusting my mind set in terms of the expectations I set for myself. I now know that they don't have to be huge or lengthy. Just small but consistent steps in a way which suits me but more so, prompts me to get out of being in a too comfortable position, which at first seems okay but is actually detrimental to progress in health, habits, relationships and work.


United Kingdom


Before starting the course, I was somewhat active but I lost a lot of habits I had in my past and was always struggling to reimplement them. When I started, I talked through a lot my general problems and also day-to-day problems I experienced when trying to change and felt comfortable doing so. It also allowed my coach to give me advice on it and how to tackle it. The lessons were well researched and my questions were always answered in depth.You helped sort out my daily routine and now I wake up early, exercise, study and do everything much more efficiently.Definitely recommend as it’s something that will fix you up for so a great invest for the benefit of the rest of your life.Thank you 🙏🏾


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I came into this course eager to learn how I could increase my levels of productivity and so far feel like I have developed even more than I had envisioned.The amount of understanding that I have been able to gain on why and how my productivity levels may fluctuate has proven to be useful in me understanding my full potential and how I can truly take steps towards fulfilling it. I would recommend this for not just people trying to improve their productivity but also those trying to maintain it because there is so much more information and methods made available through the weekly sessions which have become a part of my daily life.

Moahammed Cesai

United Kingdom